Real Estate

Commercial & Residential

Whether you are purchasing a home or purchasing a commercial property every real estate transactions contain legal issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, may individuals and businesses fail to address these issues prior to purchase or sale and end up in litigation. At JLK we address these issues prior to sale or purchase to assure they do not become costly problems in the future.

Development of both residential and business property is a process that often takes years. At JLK we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process and to assure that needs are met and protected. From the inception of your planning, to drawing up plans, to financing, through actual construction and completion of the project, we work closely with clients including contractors, banks, and the individual/company undergoing the development. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible and to plan and address all potential pitfalls before they occur.

Our attorneys have experience in the following areas:

— Commercial Real Estate

— Resident Real Estate

— Development

— Real Estate Litigation

— Title Issues

— Mortgage Litigation

— Foreclosure Litigation

— Real Estate Transactions

— Construction Disputes

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