Do You Need an Attorney?

February 22, 2017 | JLK Law

Judge, Lang, & Glynn, S.C., is law firm which prides itself on client interaction and satisfaction. We are just the right size  to handle all of your legal problems and at the same time assure you get the personal attention and service you deserve. With 63 years of combined legal experience we have the knowledge and the skill to guide you through any legal issue and provide you the advice and guidance that you deserve.  We also work closely with several other law firms to assure you receive the expertise you deserve. Our network of lawyers and partners allows us to attack your legal problem from a wide variety of angles and provide insight from different perspectives.

At Judge, Lang & Glynn, S.C. we approach every case as a team. Your case will not be handled by a single attorney, but our team of legal experts to assure that the matter is given careful consideration by a number of attorneys to assure that all options and possible courses of action are considered. Our hand picked team brings a vast array of experiences and expertise. This also assures that in the event of an unfortunate incident a new attorney will not have to be assigned to your case or educate himself about the circumstances of your case.

We will meet you at any of our offices, your home, or anywhere in between because our goal is to make the legal process as easy as possible on you. It is our policy to meet with all individuals seeking legal services with 72 hours and often 24 hours if that is what you desire. At Judge, Lang, & Glynn, S.C. we will take the time to listen to your wants and goals and develop a legal strategy and approach which matches your needs. Client input and corroboration is important to us.